Sunday, December 28, 2008

Share the well

In less than a week I will be embarking on a journey to New Delhi, India. I will be spending the beginning of 2009 in INDIA! Wow!! In my heart I am thrilled. Honestly, I have no expectations. I have several friends who have been to India and I have heard of their adventures but I do not know what to expect. I am thankful for this opportunity and chance of a lifetime to go. I am thankful to be apart of the first international mission team Highland
Christian Church is sending out. I know God has divinely put together the team he has going.
If you read this and would join me in prayer for our team I would love it. We will be flying out on Monday, January 5th and will be returning January 19th.

Also, if you enjoy movies I recommend this film: Slumdog Millionaire. I have posted the movie trailer. Another recommendation is an album by Caedmon's Call it is called Share the Well. The songs are inspired from India.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two sets of Jones'

This is another song I really like. Jason and Doreen sang it a while back at Highland and it was good.
I want my life to be built on the rock of Christ Jesus and not on a sandy foundation that I have laid. So often I lay my own foundation.
Which set of Jones' will you be??
Enjoy :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

I don't have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way He loves us!

This is one of my new favorite songs! Hope introduced me to it over Thanksgiving break. It is long but it is so good! I love the words she speaks at the end. One of my favorite things to do is be in the car with my girl Hope with the music up as loud as it goes singing our hearts out to God.


Here is Kim Walker singing He Loves Us::

Monday, November 24, 2008

running over boulders and fires in the oven!!

Just a little note to explain the title of today's post. First is running over boulders. Well, over the past two months i have ran over 2 huge rocks in two different driveways/yards! I am incredibly thankful that my car was not harmed or a tire busted! (my track record with tires is not clean!)
Secondly fires in the OVEN! Well, yesterday was the bring your favorite food to fight club. Alicia and I were making a strawberry this bunny shaped pan(just to be silly.) We filled the pan to much and the batter overflowed in the oven....causing it to burn...causing it to catch on fire! Oh my gosh!! there were small flames in the oven!! It was insane! but don't worry it was put out quickly! So yes to start this post off....I am thankful for all of my crazy crazy times and memories!!

Pre-thanksgiving thankfulness...
50 things/people I am thankful for in no particular order:
1. Asheville, North Carolina and all of the uniqueness that comes with it

2. The prayer gallery (i was just there it's fresh in my thankfulness file)

3. Candles in the prayer gallery

4. friends who are my sisters!!

5. Lacy (my best friend since 4th grade)

6. Hailey (my BFF/sister friend)

7. Hope (my soulmate best friend....who has a unique way of making me laugh)

8. Tory (my best friend who I am so so thankful we have only gotten closer over the past
several years and we met b/c our parents forgot us at school)

9. Becca (my best friend who no matter how much time passes in between us talking or seeing each other....we instantly pick right up and fill each other in on life)

10. Christy (the best mentor in the world!!/another best friend/2nd mom/older sister...who always listens to me share my heart and then shares her heart with me)

11. Basically instant communication through technology

12. Modes of transportation

13. Jesus' great commission

14. Highland Christian Church

15. Jason and Doreen Garris and Zeke and Jude Garris (Zeke is possibly the cutest/funniest 2 year old I have ever met.

16. The Highland staff

17. my new friend Megan Coss(who I am really thankful for and know that a special friendship is

18. My semester in Colorado

19. My two friends who I discovered LOST with

20. Savannah

21. Elise

22. The TV show LOST

23. The new kids and people I am building relationships with at Highland.

24. My favorite kids in the world who live in Nashville, Haylee and Jack Gold, they my unbiological little sister and brother!!

25. The precious little girls who dance in the front of the orange peel each sunday morning. They are so purely worshiping Jesus!

26. My time with Youth With A Mission

27. Hononlulu Hawaii

28. My DTS family

29. My outreach team

30. The 2 1/2 month adventure that outreach was in Fiji and Vanuatu!

31. My mom and dad (who I know I am only going to appreciate and love more as I get older) I
love them and their unconditional love for me is such an amazing picture of Jesus' love for me.

32. My nana

33. My grandad

34. My grandma

35 My Pa

36. My Ma(great grandmother)

37. My Papa(great grandfather)

38. Kelsey (who I seriously can not imagine my life without her! She is such a great cousin! I am
thankful for all of our time together!)

39. Chloe and her cheerful HELLO when she answers the phone

40. basically all of my family and all of our crazy memories!

41. The Father

42. Jesus

43. Holy Spirit

44. The freedom that only comes from JESUS!!

45. God's living and active WORD!

46. Different weather seasons

47. Snow

48. Snowboarding!!

49. Family Vacations

50. Growing up going out on the lake, knee boarding, tubing, and wake boarding.

51. one additional thankful job at starbucks

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

traffic traffic

I must say working at Starbucks is bringing out my inner freak a person out enthusiasm. When meeting new people sometimes in my mind when I am going through the very first introductions I am thinking "okay Brittney calm it down a few notches you are probably freaking this person out." The person I am meeting is probably like "whoa okay back off." Tonight I learned when I am behind that counter and a person walks in...'I am the one to take the initiative and go for it!" The more I freak them out with enthusiasm the better.

Also, this is another note:
The closer it gets the more excited I become. Especially when talking to Hope and Tory who have already been there! Oh Jesus THANK YOU for the the chance to go!!!! My heart is so so exicted and ready!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Four generations in ONE house??

In my heart I really long and desire to live in constant community with people. I am praying and asking God to make this dream and desire of living in community with others a reality. I know I have talked to several people who have the same desire and in my mind I am like "why can't this just happen now!! Let's find some land buy it and start building!! or shoot even bust out tents! (well scratch the tent idea the winter month's are ahead...and it's cold)"
When I was little and even now sometimes I tell my dad I wish everyone I love, all of my friends and family could live together. And He would tell me "I know I used to wish we could have a big hotel and everyone live there together." Okay, well I guess having every single friend and family member living in one place is never going to be a reality because we are not all called to live in the same part of the world. But the idea of living in an intentional community with others where ever I am can be very real. When I was in Hawaii doing my DTS with YWAM I lived in a house with about 20 other girls. It was so great! It was so simple. I am experiencing an amazing community with my church family at Highland Christian Church and it is wonderful. But I long for more.
Anyways...i just wanted to do a post about this b/c it is something that has been on my mind for a while.

I tried to get this song on here but it wouldn't work. If you want to listen to it you can look it up, but I really like the last several verses of this song.

Every Minute by Sara Groves
I am long on staying.I am slow to leave,
Especially when it comes to you my friend
You have taught me to slow down,
And to prop up my feet.
It's the fine art of being who I am.

And I can't figure out why you want me around.
I'm not the smartest person I have ever met.
But somehow that doesn't matter,
No it really never mattered to you at all.

And at the risk of wearing out my welcome.
At the risk of self-discovery,
I'll take every moment,
And every minute that you give me.

And I can think of a time when families all lived together,
Four generations in one house.
And the table was filled with good food,
And friends and neighbors.
That's not how we like it now.

'Cause if you sit at home you're a loser,
Couldn't you find anything better to do?
Well, no, I couldn't think of one thing
I would rather waste my time on than
Sitting here with you.

And at the risk of wearing out my welcome.
At the risk of self-discovery,
I'll take every moment,
And every minute that you give me.


And I wish all the people I love the most
Could gather in one place,
And know each other and love each other well.
And I wish we could all go camping,
And lay beneath the stars,
And have nothing to do and stories to tell.

We'd sit around the campfire
And we'd make each other laugh,
Remembering when...
And you're the first one I'm inviting.
Always know that you're invited, my friend.

And at the risk of wearing out my welcome.
At the risk of self-discovery,
I'll take every moment,
And every minute that you give me.
Every moment, and every minute that you give me.
Every moment, and every minute that you give me.
Every minute...

**if you don't have any of Sara Groves music I highly recommend it. Her lyrics are really creative and genuine.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just do it....come it.

Round One

1. Who did you spend at least two hours with today?
Tania, Sue, and Julie....we spontaneously went to see a movie for a dollar!!! Momma Mia!

2. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks?
general psych class ending, the potential chance of snow....which means the potential chance of snowboarding!!!, Jesus' Birthday Celebration!!!!!!!!!!!! The next 3 Sundays at Highland, The Secret Place series
3. Who was the last person you called?
my mom

4. What were you doing at 12am last night?
talking on the phone to one of my best friends Tory

5. What did you fear was going to get you as a child?
Seriously every time I would take a shower I was always conscious of the drain. B/c for some reason I thought something would get me. So I would not get close to it at all.

6. When did you last see your mom?
sometime in October i think

7. What are you wearing right now?
A t-shirt and jeans

8. Where is your favorite place to be?
okay i can't pick one so i am going to list several favorite places to be...b/c i love to think and dream about each
-the beaches in Hawaii laying in the sand and soaking up the sun
-snowboarding in powder snow
-Old Hickory Lake after being out all day and feeling kind of sun burnt but not too....and it being about sun set....and the water is so calm. And your getting in the last few wakeboard and tub runs in for the day
-The Orange Peel on a Sunday morning
-In other countries
-In my friend Nastinka's living room with her and Hope and her daughter Simene
-In my 2nd families living room watching sports and spending time together
-With my whole family:(mom,dad, grandma, pa, vonda, greg, kelsey, chloe, fudgie & kristie) together in Destin,Florida all laughing and telling stories...we have told tons of times, but still are funny every time we tell it

9. Where is your least favorite place to be?

10. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?
I am not sure at the moment.....some where in the 10/40 window. Maybe some really really remote village, but I am not sure in what country.

11. Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years?
There is no telling!

12. What was the last thing that really made you laugh?
a movie

13. What cities/towns/villages have you lived in?
In order from birth to now
Lebanon, TN
Columbia, TN
Nashville/Old Hickory/Mt. Juliet TN
Honolulu Hawaii
Denver, Colorado
Asheville, North Carolina

14. Are you a social person?
very much so

15. What do you like about winter?

Celebrating the Birth of my Savior Jesus Christ

Round Two -
Unconscious Mutterings:

I say … and you think … ?

Coverage :: good
Cynical :: people
Gust :: a boy that I knew in elementary school named gus
Improvised :: any speech i have done
V :: is for Vendetta
Guests :: Be OUR
Brutal :: really really really cold wind and snow
Grant :: money
Pull :: tug of war
Streaming :: popping a squat and peeing in a parking lot.....and then trying to avoid it getting onto your feet